March 07, 2013

The Brazilian Educational System

Hello everyone!

So, today we're going to talk about study in Brazil. I'm gonna tell you what I saw from the brazilian school system.

When we are about two years old, our parents take us to what we call the Pre-School, that's optional. The "Maternal", for kids from two to five years old, is basically a playgroup. Then comes the Kindergarten, for kids from three to six years old, and it has a more academic focus for small kids.

After Kindergarten, the kid goes to what we call the Fundamental Education, for kids from six to fourteen years old, and it is mandatory. It is divided into two levels: The Fundamental Education I (from the first to the fourth grade, which would be the Elementary School) and The Fundamental Education II (form the fifth to the eighth grade, which would be the Middle School). In the first they learn Portuguese, Math, Science, History, Geography, and in the second, they learn all of those plus a different language, like English.

After that, they go the High School, which we call Middle Education, and that's for children from fifteen to seventeen/eighteen years old. It only takes three years. During this period, the children are trained so hard in order to take the tests to enter the college or university. They can also be trained for specific entrance exams in a kind of course we call "Cursinho" (Little Course, literally), that takes only one year. It is kind of the High School, but it trains you to enter the college.

Then, the best part is to know you entered the college! In Brazil we call it Superior Education (Higher Education). Once the student has successfully completed the High School he takes a test for the university he wants to go to. If you want to go to a public university, the test is harder, because you don't pay anything to study there! Now, if you want to go to a private university, it is easier. The Brazilian government has a program called "University for All" (ProUni). In the end of the High School, you can take a test called ENEM (High School National Exam). After that you can enroll in this program. You choose two private universities you'd like to go to, and according to your score, it tells you if you can go to any of those universities. There is also a program called Sisu (Unified Selection System), which is for federal universities, and it is harder. College or University in Brazil take usually four or five years. Then the student can go to a higher level of studies. Then he starts working...

I guess that's all! Would you like to share with us the Educational System of your country? Leave a comment below! Keep studying!


See you!

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