December 07, 2010

Poem on Bullying - We All Bleed Red...

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Como disse, hoje trago um poema sobre o Bullying. Leia-o com muita atenção:

Poem on Bullying

Maybe I can't write a sentence or a word at all,
But does that mean you can push me against the wall?
Maybe I can'tread as good as the rest of the class,
But does that mean you have to trip me as I walk past?
Maybe I can't kick a ball far as the best,
But does that mean I stand out from the rest?
Maybe I can't shout as lous as you can,
But does that really make me any less of a man?
Maybe I'm a different colour, a diferent race,
But does that give you the right to hit my face?
Maybe my glasses make my face look round,
But does that mean you have to throw them to the ground?
Maybe I'm poor, and have no money,
But does that mean you can mock me so your friends think you're funny?
Maybe I wear clothes by Adidas or Nike,
But does that give you the right to steal things I like?
Maybe I'll never win, I'll always lose,
But could leave me alone? Do I get to choose?
Maybe you don't care if I'm alive or dead,
But you won't be the one visiting a hospital bed.

If there was only one thing that I wish would sink into your head,
"We are all the same. We all bleed red..."

Anthony Kisley

Se você conseguir traduzir esse poema, verá que é muito chocante... Na próxima aula, trarei algumas perguntas sobre ele.

See you!

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