March 18, 2011

Suffixes -ful and -less - Exercises and Answers

Hello people!

Today I bring you some exercises about the previous post. If you don't remember, reread it!
Hoje trouxe a vocês alguns exercícios sobre o post anterior. Caso não se lembre, volte ao último post.

Use one of the words below to complete the sentences:
Useful, Useless, Helpful, Helpless, Careful, Careless, Thoughtful, Thoughtless, Hopeful, Hopeless

a) What a nice present! That was very ______ of you!
b) I don't wanna be a ______ case!
c) He is very _____ and should never drive.
d) It's _____ to know the news if you don't analyse it critically.
e) I had to reorganize my books. I'm glad Daniel was so _____ and did some of the work for me.
f) A cell phone can be very _____ if you have an unexpected problem on the road.
g) Be _____ when you open this book. It's very old and it could fall apart.
h) My girlfriend is furious because of something _____ I said to her.
i) The soccer team has lost some games but they're still _____. They think they can win the championship.
j) If you sometimes feel lonely and _____, a good friend will make a big difference.

a) thoughtful
b) hopeless
c) careless
d) useless
e) helpful
f) useful
g) careful
h) thoughless
i) hopeful
j) helpless

Adaptado de Globetrekker, Inglês no Ensino Médio, de Marcelo Baccarin Costa.

That's all for today.
Por hoje isso é só, pessoal.

See you!

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Marília Oliveira said...

ooi, adorei o site e me ajudou bastante com post anterior, mas eu gostaria de saber como eu vejo o gabarito? obrigada :)

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