March 26, 2011

Reporting Verbs

Hey there!

Hoje veremos alguns outros verbos além de Say, Tell e Ask que servem para expressar o discurso indireto em Inglês. A seguir, algumas frases usando esses verbos:

Mom advised me to turn right, but I turned left.
"You need to rest!", the doctor advised me.
(Advise: Aconselhar)

They warned us to be careful with the cold weather.
Police warned the population to be prepared for storms.
(Warn: Avisar, Alertar)

"My parents are encouraging me to fight against bad people.", he said.
My teacher encouraged us to discuss about the origin of humans.
(Encourage: Encorajar, Incentivar)

Lori offered to pay the bills for you.
I offer you my most precious possessions.
(Offer: Oferecer)

I don't agree with what you said!
They agreed to go by train...
(Agree: Concordar)

I refuse to talk about what I heard!
Never refuse help.
(Refuse: Recusar)

Those people denied* having robbed the house.
I deny all you said.
(Deny: Negar)

"Don't worry! I assure you everything is under control!", the police said.
He assured me his girlfriend is not pregnant.
(Assure: Assegurar)

Hannah claims to have seen an UFO.
Don't you want to claim what you did?
(Claim: Alegar, Reivindicar)

*Após o verbo Deny, verbos devem estar em gerúndio.


The girl asked me to speak lower. (Pedir)
The girl asked me what the time is. (Perguntar)

The policeman told everybody to stay away. (Mandou)
Amy told me she had already been to Brazil. (Contar)

Esses verbos podem ter as traduções Mandar e Pedir, porque o verbo a seguir está no infinitivo. Se não estivessem, provavelmente teriam as traduções já conhecidas (Perguntar e Contar).

You would like to know:

Acho que você já se perguntou como você pode dizer em Inglês frases como "Ele me pediu para não subir as escadas." ou "Ele disse para eu não fazer isso.". Esse "para não fazer" ou "não subir", em Inglês dizemos "not to (verbo)". Veja os exemplos abaixo:

I asked Austin not to be late.
Remind me not to let you drive again.

Bom, por hoje isso é tudo, pessoal. Espero que tenham entendido.

See you!

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