June 30, 2011

Parts of the house

Hey guys!

Today we're going to know more about the parts of the house, including furniture. Read the text below carefully, please:

In the living room of this apartment, we have a three-seat sofa, a chair, a television, a bookshelf, a lampshade and a beautiful rug. The walls are decorated with wallpaper, but if you don't like this template, you can change it. In the kitchen, we have a stove, an oven, a two-door refrigerator, a microwave, a cabinet and a small pantry in the back. When you move here, you can bring your own cutlery and plates. Then, we have two bedrooms, which have a single bed, a wardrobe, a bed table and lampshade. The bathroom is small, but is very beautiful. It has a toilet bowl, a shower, a sink and the walls are covered with white and small tiles. All the rooms have windows. I know you have a garden in your current home. If you want to have a garden, no matter how small, you can put flower pots on the balcony of the bedrooms. It is a very good idea. I hope you like this apartment.

Do you know what the underlined words mean?
On the next post, there will be an exercise about this.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do you know the difference between house and home? No? Ok, I'll tell you on the next post.

See you!

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