September 07, 2011

School in the USA


I'm really sorry for not posting here. On the previous post, I told you I would tell you what I did some days before that post. Well, I met some americans from he Baptist Church in Texas. They are really very friendly and I hope to see them very soon. They spent around 12 days here in Brazil, in my city, but they have also gone to surrounding cities to share the gospel with other people. I helped them by traslating what they said. It was a really good time. By the way, the song I posted on the previous post is from a CD that they have given to some people who helped them. To be short, that's what I did.
In the begginning of this post I apologized for not posting. I'll tell you why. I started a thecnical course on Design of Civil Construction and it is really very splendiferous. I think I'll be able to post only on Saturdays or Sundays because I'm always away from my computer...
Ok, let's cut to the chase:

My teacher wanted us to talk to an american person about how the school in the USA is. I talked to two or three people and I created a video to tell you what the said. If you want, you can pause the video to read it slowly:

I hope you like it!

See you!

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