February 19, 2011

Countable and Uncountable Nouns - Exercises and Answers

What's up?

Today, I'll post some exercises about the content on the last post. If you didn't get it, reread it!
Hoje postarei alguns exercícios sobre o conteúdo da postagem passada. Caso não tenha entendido, releia a postagem anterior.

Choose the alternatives that best fit the sentences. Maybe more than one answer will be possible:
a) Can you get me _____ glass of water?
a/ many/ much

b) _____ money do you have for us?
How many/ How much

c) _____ teacher says I speak too much.
Every/ All/ A lot of

d) We don't have _____ movie to watch, this is boring!
any/ no/ none/ all

e) _____ children came to the party...
Lots of/ A little/ Several/ Every/ A few/ Few

f) I need _____ time to breath!
some/ no/ all/ none

a) a
b) How much
c) Every
d) any
e) Lots of/ Every/ Few
f) some/ no

This is all!

See you!

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