February 28, 2011

Reported Speech (or Indirect Speech) - Exercises

Hello people!

Hoje trouxe alguns exercícios sobre a matéria da aula passada, o Indirect Speech. Caso não se lembre, volte para a postagem anterior e releia.

1. Complete the sentences below using the verbs Say, Tell and Ask in their correct tense:
a) Paul _____ he bought his son a new car.
b) Anna _____ her mother that she has a new boyfriend.
c) He _____ me if I had seen the boy with a black cap.
d) Gill _____ us he would go the army.
e) My parents _____ me if I had enjoyed my vacations; I _____ them I had had better ones.
f) Who _____ I couldn't speak many languages? Of couse I can!

2. Anna is a real gossip. She tells everybody about everyone. In the dialogues below she is talking to her friends about what Matthew told her. Write what she says:

Matthew: - Anna, I'm in love with you.
Anna: - ...and then Matthew told me he _____.
Stephanie: - He can't be in love with you because he has a girlfriend.
Anna: - ... and Stephanie said he _____.
Zachary: - Yes, he can! He doesn't have a girlfriend. Stephanie doesn't know what she's saying.
Anna: - Well, Zachary told me Stephanie _____.
Nancy: - Well, I think she know a lot. Zachary was trying to fool you.
Anna: - ... and Nancy said Zachary _____.
Tyler: - No way! Zachary is not that kind of person. Why did she say that?
Anna: - I was suprised when Tyler asked me why Nancy _____.
Samantha: - I suppose Nancy had a good reason to say that. Didn't Tyler want to protect Matthew?
Anna: - Samantha asked me if Tyler _____.
Matthew: - Tyler would never protect anybody. But, listen Anna,  I can't believe you told everybody about me!
Anna: - Oops!

Por hoje é só...

Na próxima aula, veremos mais algumas gírias.

See you!

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