April 30, 2011

Either, Neiter, Or and Nor - Part I

What's up?

Today we're going to learn how to use Either, Neither, Or, and Nor. Pay attention!

Either can be pronounced "e-ther" or "i-ther". Neither can be pronounced "ne-ther" or "ni-ther".

Either ... Or

Either ... Or is used to after a choise between two possibilities:
   Either Paul or John will be there.
   Either you leave me alone or I will call the police!
   We should bring either pens or pencils.
   You can either help me or do your homework.
There's only one choise.

Either can also be followed by one of + group of two:
   Either of us cold do it.
     Either one of us could do it.
   Either of you should know.
     Either one of you should know.

Not... Either... Or denies both possibilities:
   I don't think either Paul or John will be there.
   I don't speak either French or Germany.

Not... Either is used after a negative statement:
   I don't speak French.
     You don't either.
   She in't ready to go.
     We aren't either.

To Be Continued...

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