April 30, 2011

Either, Neiter, Or and Nor - Part II

Hello again...

Neither ... Nor

Neither... nor is equivalent to not... either... or:
   Neither Paul nor John will be there. --> Paul won't be there and John won't be there.
   He speaks neither French nor Germany.
   We brought neither pens nor pencils.
   I will neither help you nor do my homework.

Neither can also be followed by one of + group of two:
   Neither of them is ready.
     Neither one of them is ready.
   Neither of us should know.
     Neither one of us should know.

Neither is used like not... either:
   I don't speak french.
     Neither do I (informal: me neither)
   He isn't ready to go.
     Neither are we.

Either means "one", neither means "none", and not either equals neither. Or goes with either and nor goes with neither.

Next post, some exercises.

See you!

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