April 18, 2011

Phrasal Verbs with UP - Exercises

Hi guys!

Today you have to answer some questions about the phrasal verbs you learned on the last post.
Complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs with UP:

a) I wish you wouldn't _____ stroies and tell me the true.
b) Why don't you _____ a job? It would be good for you because you would earn some money.
c) Lúcia and John don't want to _____. They said they will always be together.
d) When I listen to classic music, I _____ falling asleep.
e) Please, don't _____ the kitchen. I tidied it yesterday.
f) Don't _____ stopping smoking. You're doing well.

That's all, folks.

Next class, Relative Clause and Pronouns.

See you!

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