May 01, 2011

Either, Neiter, Or and Nor - Exercises

Hi folks!

Now, answer these questions about Either, Neither, Or and Nor.

1. Complete the sentences:
a) In this game, you _____ win _____ lose. It depends on you.
b) _____ this computer _____ the other one can be used. They need to be fixed first.
c) I would like to watch _____ action _____ sci-fi. I hat watching two different movies in the same day.
d) I need _____ you money _____ your mercy. I can perfectly handle my problems all alone.
e) _____ Patricia _____ Camila will go to your Birthday party. They told me they have to wake up earlier tomorrow.

2. Choose the correct answer to complete this sentence:
"You may answer _____ this _____ that letter."
a) neither, or
b) nor, or
c) either, or
d) neither, either

That's all, folks.

See you!

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