May 20, 2011

False Cognates - I

How do you do?

Today I have a story to tell you. But you'll understand this story only if you speak Portuguese.

Son: Mom, how do you say "dedo" in English?
Mother: I say "finger".
Son: Finger? And how do you say "fingir"?
Mother: That's easy! I say "pretend".
Son: Intersting! And how do you say "pretender"?
Mother: "Intend".
Son: Oh! Amazing! How do you say "entender"?
Mother: (Really angry) This is the last question I will answer! I say "understand".
Son: (Sad) Ok, mom. Thanks...
Mother: Oh, sorry. I didn't intend to talk to you like that!
Son: No problem, mom. I will pretend that's alright.
Mother: (Holds her son's hands) Never pretend that something is alright if it's not, do you understand?
Son: Ok, mom. Now you can let go of my finger.
Mother: Oh, sorry!

Dedo = Finger
Fingir = Pretend
Pretender = Intend
Entender = Understand

See you!

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