May 05, 2011

The Former vs The Latter - Exercises

Hello people!

In the previous post, we learned about The Former and The Latter. Today you'll answer some exercises on it, ok?

Complete the sentences with The Former or The Latter:
a) I would like to live either in the White House or in the Empire State Building, but the _____ is very white and the _____ is too high.
b) I know how dogs and cats are. The _____ always drool and run inside the house, while the _____ lick their hair and eat fish.
c) There's a book about Math and other about Geography on the table. The _____ has an Earth on its cover and there are lots of numbers on the cover of the _____.
d) I said two words: "butterfly" and "dragon". The _____ has six letters, and the _____ has six plus three.

That's all, folks!

See you!

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