May 14, 2011

Who, Whom, Whose

Hey poeple!

Today we're gonna learn the difference among Who, Whom and Whose. Observe these sentences:

Who wrote this book? It's so amazing!
I know exactly whom I'm going to support in the upcoming election.
Whose dictionary is that?

Who is a subject pronoun, like "I", "You", "They"... We use Who to ask which person does/did the action:
Who created the answering machine?
Who said we're fat?
I know  who you are!

Whom is used like an object pronoun ("Him", "Her", "Us"). It express which person received the action:
Whom are you going to invite to your Birthday party?
Whom would like to hire for this job?
They hired the man whom we hurted last week!

Whose is a possessive pronoun like "His", "Her", "My". We use it to know which person something belongs to. Observe the examples:
Whose car is going down the street? 
Whose dog is barking outside?
This is the girl whose boyfriend is my cousin.

If you don't understand this, please, read it again and again 'till you understand. It's easy!

In the next post, some exercises, don't miss it.

See you!

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