May 29, 2011

False Cognates - II

Hey people!

As you know, there are many words in English that confuse us about their meaning. For exemple, if a brazilian who doesn't speak English read the word "exit", he might think that its meaning is "êxito", but it doesn't mean "êxito". It means "saída", in portuguese. The word for "êxito" in English is "success". Below, we have some words that might confuse you someday:

Actually - Na verdade     /     Atualmente - Nowadays
Alias - Nome falso, cognato     /     Aliás - esle, moreover, furthermore, by the way
Anthem - Hino     /     Antena - Aerial, antenna (antena parabólica - satellite dish)
Balcony - Sacada     /     Balcão - Counter
Barracks - Caserna, quartel      /     Barraca - Tent
Beef - Carne bovina     /     Bife - Steak
Collar - Gola, colarinho     /     Colar - (verb) To glue, (noun) necklace
Costume - Fantasia, traje típico     /     Costume - Habit, custom
Curse - Maldição, praga, xingamento     /     Curso - Course
Deception - Engano     /     Decepção - Disappointment
Disgusting - Nojento, repulsivo     /     Desgostoso - displeaced, dissatisfied
Doze - Cochilar     /     Doze - (number) Twelve, Dose - Dose

I'll post other words on the next post.

Keep reading my blog, please.

See you!

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