May 17, 2011

Who, Whom, Whose - Exercises and Answers


Today you have to answer some questions about the last post, on Who, Whom and Whose.

1. Complete the sentences below with Who, Whom or Whose:
a) _____ wrote this book?
b) _____ are you going to invite to your party?
c) _____ book is that one?
d) It doesn't look like this is the correct address. _____ did you ask for directions?
e) I know _____ she cursed.

2. Say if the sentences below are right or wrong:
a) Whose are you?
b) This is the guy who stoled my bag!
c) Whom have you helped?
d) I have no idea whose left the oven on.
e) Do you remember whom received the Oscar?

a) Who
b) Whom
c) Whose
d) Whom
e) who

a) Wrong
b) Right
c) Right
d) Wrong
e) Right

That's all.

See you!

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