July 02, 2011

The Body - Part I

Here I am again!

Let's start with the head (cabeça):

On the top of the head, we have hair, which can be short, long, smooth, curly...

Then, we have the forehead. Within our forehead is our brain, which we think with. Some foreheads have wrinkles, like this person:

After the forehead, we have two eyebrows. Many women like to trim their eyebrows.

The eyes are the next. They are very similar to a ball, but they have a beautiful color. Near the eyes, we have small hair, which are the eyelashes.

Between the eyes, we have a nose. The nose has two holes called nostrils.

Below the nose, men have mustache.

Beside the nose, we have the cheeks. Some cheeks are fluffy.

Then, we have the mouth. Inside the mouth, we have teeth (dentes), tongue (língua) and gum (gengiva).

Below the mouth, we have the chin. Men have beard (barba).

Beside the cheeks, we have the ears.

And finally, we have the neck, which supports the head.

On another post, I'll talk about the other parts of the body. Don't miss it, ok?

See you!

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