July 13, 2011


What's up?

On today's post, you will learn the colors in English.
Did you know that in the UK they say "colours"? In the US they say "colors", without the letter "U" in the middle.

In the beginning, there were only three colors, called Primary Colors:
Red, the color of fire, the color of love, the color of our blood
Blue, the color of the sea, the color of tranquility, the color of the sky
and Yellow, the color of the sun, the color of some types of cheese, the color of sunflowers

By mixing Red and Blue, we get the Purple, the color of violets.
By mixing Blue and Yellow, we get the Green, the color of grass.
And by mixing Red and Yellow, we get the Orange, the color of an orange!
These are the Secondary Colors.

Look at this picture:

Then we have the Tertiary Colors, which are:
Brown, the color of wood.
And Grey or Gray, the color of a rain cloud.

And by mixing every color, we get the White, the color of light, the color of the moon.
When there is no color, it is Black, the color of the vacumm.

When you add Black to a color, you call it "dark [color]"
Black adds shadow to a color:
Blue +  Black = Dark blue

And when you add White to a color, you call it "light [color]".
White makes a color lighter:
Blue + White = Light blue

Some people say that Pink is the color of girls.

Here are some phrases with colors:
"The U.S. flag is blue, red and white."
"The Brazilian flag is green, yellow, blue and white."
"Penguins are black and white."
"It doesn't matter if you're black or white." - Michael Jackson

I hope you like this lesson!

image: wiu.edu

See you!

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