July 03, 2011

The Body - Part II


Today, I'm going to post about the limbs and the trunk of the human body. This may be important to you someday.

Below the neck, we have the shoulders. The arms start at the shoulders.
At the end of the arms, we have hands.
And we have the fingers, which are at the end of the hand.
In the middle of the arm, we have the elbow.

We also have the chest, just below the shoulders.
Some chests are hairy.

Then, we have the belly. There is a small hole on our belly, which is called navel.

Below it, we have the genital organs (penis and vagina)
I won't show you how they are because you must know how they are...

And finally we have the legs. In the middle of the legs, we have the knee.
At the end of the leg, we have the foot, two feet.
And at the end of the feet we have the toes.
The fingers are in the hands and the toes are in the feet.

That's all for today.


See you!

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