September 25, 2010

Prepositions and their uses - Exercises and Answers

How are you?

Today I'll give you some exercises about the prepositions I taught you. If you have any question, send us a message. The answers are right below the questions.
Hoje darei alguns exercícios sobre as preposições aprendidas. Caso vocês tenham alguma dúvida, envie-nos uma mensagem. As respostas estão logo abaixo das perguntas.

1. Complete with in, on, at or by:
a) The movie is going to begin _____ 9 o'clock _____ the morning.
b) What are you going to do _____ Friday?
c) They live _____ a beautiful house!
d) There was a big parade _____ Independency Day!
e) She would like to get a present _____ Christmas...
f) They go to the club _____ bus but I go _____ car.
g) The Smiths live _____ a beautiful farm!
h) This best seller was written _____ Leon Uris.
i) It was very cold _____ the winter!
j) He lives _____ 456 Gilbert St..
k) Matheus doesn't like to study _____ night.

2. Fill in the blank with the correct preposition:
a) Let's go _____ my office.
b) Mary was born _____ Jan 1st, 1950.
c) We have never believed _____ his honesty.
d) We have nothing _____ common.
e) They lived in New York _____ 2000 _____ 2010.
f) Mary gets up _____ 6 o'clock and goes _____ school _____ the morning.
g) My sister was born _____ a beautiful day _____ December.
h) I'm over 21 years of age! Can I go _____ a pub now?
i) Get _____ the train! Now!
j) This book is _____ a little girl I met...
k) Can you get some milk _____ me?
l) Can I go _____ you?
m) They can't live _____ me! They need me!
n) We usually stay _____ our house in the evening.
o) They moved _____ the other side _____ the city.
p) Stay _____ my side!
q) They are _____ the surface!
r) That cloud is _____ us!
s) Can you see _____ the black glass?
t) Go _____ to the mountain!
u) I'm _____ Canada.
Globetrekker, Marcelo B. Costa

a) at, in
b) on
c) in
d) on
e) on
f) by, by
g) on
h) by
i) in
j) on
k) at

a) to
b) on
c) in
d) in
e) from, to
f) at, to, in
g) on, of/ in
h) to
i) on/ off
j) for
k) for
l) with
m) without
n) in
o) to, of
p) by
q) on
r) above
s) through
t) up
u) in

Espero que tenham gostado! Até mais!
I hoped you liked it!

See you!

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