September 28, 2010

The Simple Present - Exercises and Answers

Hi! How are you?

Here you have some exercises about Simple Present. Pay attention and good luck:
Aqui estão alguns exercícios sobre Simple Present. Responda com atenção e boa sorte:

1. Complete the sentences with always, often, usually, sometimes, hardly ever or never to make true sentences about yourself:
a) I _____ study in the afternoons.
b) I _____ visit my grandfather and my grandmother.
c) I _____ spend my vacation on the beach.
d) I _____ win some money.
e) I _____ take the bus to go to school.
f) I _____ eat vegetarian food.
g) I _____ travel by plane.
h) I _____ see a rat in my house.
i) I _____ go out to dance.
j) I _____ think in English.

2. Write the Affirmative or the Negative Forms of the verbs to express real facts:
a) Argentinians _____ Portuguese. (To Speak)
b) New Yorkers _____ in Arabia. (To Live)
c) The Earth _____ around the moon. (To Go)
d) Television _____ public opinion. (To Influence)
e) It _____ in Bahia. (To Snow)
f) Penguins _____ hot places. (To Like)
g) Camels _____ in hot places. (To Live)
h) The sun _____ in the east. (To Rise)
i) The moon _____ around the Earth. (To Go)
j) Many people _____ Orkut nowadays. (To Use)

3. Change the sentences into Questions:
a) You go to school in the morning.
b) You live near the school.
c) He likes cats.
d) This paper flies like a bird.
d) They know me!
e) You look like* your brother.
f) She thinks I am beautiful...
g) The Pope lives in New York.
h) They get good grades in our English tests.
i) She takes the bus to school everyday.
j) I teach you English.

* "Look like" means "To be similar to", "To have similar appearances", you got it?
* A expressão "Look like" tem o significado de "Parecer", "Ser igual à", entendeu?

4. Complete the text:
(alguns verbos estão no passado, os aprenderemos mais para frente)

Hey Mom,
This is Bill,  and I will describe in this letter the things that happened with me here in New York City.
When I arrived here, I met a beautiful woman, with light hair, blue eyes, and very intelligent. She _____ (To Read) good books and _____ (To Speak) four languages: Spanish, French, Japanese and German! She _____ (To Talk) to people from different countries around the world. She _____ (To Know) how to make good food. She _____ (To Live) near my house. I always _____ (To Go) with her to many places in the City. We _____ (To Watch) movies together, we _____ (To Play) basketball in the backyard of her house, we _____ (To Buy) things together, we _____ (To Study) together for exams in the university...
But it is all finished when I saw her talking to a boy in a dark place of the university. He is her boyfriend. He _____ (To Give) her flowers and chocolate... (I am jealous!). But they ended up their relationship because of cheating (She must be too sad...). Some time passed, and I had to go to California. She wanted me to stay with her, but I _____ (have) to work there... So, she went with me to California and now we are happy (we are in love). I _____ (To Think) she is pregnant! You are a future grandmother, Mom. Well, it's all that happened to me during this time... I _____ (To Love) you Mom. Take care!


a) don't speak
b) don't live
c) doesn't go
d) influences
e) doesn't snow
f) don't like
g) live
h) rises
i) goes
j) don't use

a) Do you go to school in the morning?
b) Do you live near the school?
c) Does he like cats?
d) Does this paper fly like a bird?
e) Do you look like your mother?
f) Does she think I'm beautiful?
g) Does the Pope live in New York?
h) Do they get good grades in their English tests?
i) Does she take the bus to school every day?
j) Do I teach you English?

reads, speaks, talks, knows, lives, go, watch, play, buy, study, gives, have, think, love.

I hope you have understood the Simple Present. That's all for today...
Bom, espero que tenham entendido o Simple Present. Por hoje é só...
Take care!

See you!

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