January 17, 2011



Hoje veremos como usar a preposição By. Observe os usos e significados dela:

By = 
por (pelo, pela) - "I was attacked by a very strange person."
de (transporte) - "I had to travel by ship. It was so unpleasant!"
perto - "Stand by me."
no mais tardar/ no máximo até - "I think I'll be back by eight o'clock."
ao (antes de verbos no gerúndio) - "By clicking here, you'll open a new page."

by far = de longe/ com folga - "I'm by far the most intelligent guy in the class."
by my/ your/ him... self = por mim/ você/ ele próprio, sozinho - "I did this work by myself"
by the way = a propósito - "By the way, have you ever been to Italy?"

Agora traduza as frases abaixo:

a) Brazil is by far the most intercultural country in the world.
b) By reading, people travel in the imagination.
c) Why are you sitting by the door?
d) This book was written by a very important person.
e) John: - How will you go to NY?
    Mônica: - I'll go by plane.
f) You must hand in your projects by the end of the lesson.
g) Did you do it by yourself?
h) By the way, where is your mother?

Por hoje é só...

See you!

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