January 07, 2011

Present Perfect Simples and Continuous - Exercises and Answers


To check if you really understood the previous subject, today we bring you some exercises.
Para ver se você realmente aprendeu o conteúdo da aula passada, iremos resolver alguns exercícios hoje.

1. Choose the best alternative to complete the sentences:
a) I know which movie you're talking about. I _____ it.
 - 've already seen
 - 've been seing

b) I _____ my geography book and I don't know what to do.
  - 've lost
  - 've been losing

c) Stop it! You _____ this noise for about five minutes now.
  - 've made
  - 've been making

2. Choose the alternative that means the same as in the sentences below:
a) I've been thinking about you lately.
   I still do it / I did in the past

b) I've taken lots of vitamins to make sure I wouldn't get sick.
   I still do it / I did it in the past

c) I've been writing a lot recently.
   I still do it / I did it in the past

d) I've written more than twenty emails this week.
   These emails are ready / I'm still writing the emails.

a) 've already seen
b) 've lost
c) 've been making

a) I still do it.
b) I did it in the past.
c) I still do it.
d) These emails are ready.

That's all for today. See you in the next post.
Por hoje é só. Nos vemos no próximo post.

See you!

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