January 14, 2011

I'd Better X I'd Rather


Today we're going to see the difference between "I'd Better" and "I'd Rather".

I'd Rather:
Most common and informal way to express preference.
It's formed by Would + Rather + a verb in its base form:
"I'd rather go home than stay here."
Its negative form is "would rather not":
"I'd rather not stay here and go home."
Its interrogative form is Would + subject + rather + verb in its base form:
"Would you rather watch horror movies or comedy?"

I'd Better:
We use it for advices. It's the same as "Should".
It's formed by Had Better + verb in its base form:
"You'd better pay attention to your teacher."
Its negative form is "had better not", but it's not very used.
"You'd better not talk to them."
There's no interrogative form.

We have some exercises about it! Click here.

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Hoje veremos a diferença entre "I'd Better" e "I'd Rather".

I'd Rather:
Forma comum e informal de expressar preferência.
É formado por Would + Rather + um verbo na forma base:
"I'd rather go home than stay here."
("Eu prefiro ir pra casa do que ficar aqui.")
Sua forma negativa é "would rather not"
"I'd rather not stay here and go home."
("Eu prefiro não ficar aqui e ir para casa.")
Sua forma interrogativa é Would + sujeito + rather + verbo no forma base:
"Would you rather watch horror movies or comedy?"
("Você prefere assistir filmes de terror ou comédia?")

I'd Better:
Usamos para dar conselhos. Equivale ao "Should" (Deveria).
É formado por Had Better + Verbo na forma base:
"You'd better pay attention to your teacher."
("Você deveria prestar atenção ao seu professor.")
Sua forma negativa é "had better not" apesar de não ser muito usada.
"You'd better not talk to them."
("É melhor você não falar com eles.")
Não existe forma interrogativa.

Para exercícios, click aqui.

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