January 19, 2011

Modal Verbs - Review

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Como já vimos, modal verbs são verbos "diferentes". Não acrescentamos o to nem antes ou depois. Agora, veja os diferentes usos desses verbos:

- Habilidades:
I can sing the piano.

- Deduções:
a) Dan must be there.
b) They might be friends.
c) You can't work in a bank.

- Sugestões/ Conselhos:
You should listen to what he's saying.

- Permissões:
You may go home now.

- Obrigações/ Proibições:
a) They must/ have to/ have got to study right now!
b) You can't/ mustn't/ may not/ aren't supposed to/ aren't allowed to park here.

- Habilidades:
He could read when he was 5 years old.

a) The party must have been nice.
b) They might have seen it in a magazine.
c) She can't have/ couldn't have worked here, she's so young.

- Sugestões/ Conselhos:
You should have visited my father's house. Now he's sad...

- Permissões:
You were allowed to see that then.

- Obrigações/ Proibições:
a) They had to stay here.
b) You couldn't/ weren't allowed to park here.

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