January 25, 2011



Hoje trouxe um texto sobre o aquecimento global. Leia-o com muita atenção. Caso desconheça alguma palavra, procure num dicionário.

Global Warming - Fact or Fiction

Two decades ago, "global warming" was an issue only for hardcore scientists. Nowadays, it has become as popular as soccer or pop music. This is justifiable because, with the possible exception of another world war, a giant asteroid, or an uncurable plague, global warmimn may be the single largest threat to our planet.
According to most experts, if you don't curb our greenhouse gas emissions, hurricanes could become more frequent, El Niños could become more intense, and low-lying nations could be awash in seawater.
On the other hand, some people believe that global warming will result in the little more than warmer winters and increased plant growth. They point to the flaws in scientists' measurements and the complexity of the climate.
In truth, the future probaly fits somewhere between these two scenarios. But one of the biggest concerns now is that over the past 250 years humans have been artificially raising the concentration of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxid and methane in the atmosphere. Once these carbon-based greenhouse gases get into the atmosphere , they might stay there for decades. In essence, these gases are trapping excess heat in the Earth's atmosphere in much the same way that a windshield traps solar energy that enters a car.
While the general consensus among scionetists is that global warming is real, there are still some prominent scientists who feel that this threat has been greatly exaggerated. But perhaps the one aspect that nearly everyone agrees on is that more has to be done both to learn about it and prevent its man-made causes.

Extraído de Globetrekker, pág. 222.

Agora, vamos conhecer algumas palavras relacionadas ao clima e temperatura:

Hot - Quente
Cold - Frio
Sunny - Ensolarado
Sun - Sol
Cloud - Nuvem
Rain - Chuva
Rainy - Chuvoso
Snow - Neve
Snowy - Nevoso, de neve
Wind - Vento
Windy - Ventoso
Wet - Molhado
Water - Água
Thunder - Trovão
Thunderstorm - Trovoada
Lightning - Raio, relâmpago
Weather - Tempo, condições meteorológicas
Temperature - Temperatura
How is the weather? - Como está o tempo?
It seems it's going to rain... - Parece que vai chover...
It seems the sky is clean. - Parece que o céu está limpo.
What a strange weather! - Que tempo estranho!
Hurricane - Furacão
Earthquake - Terremoto
Mist - Neblina
Seaquake - Maremoto
Tsunami - Tsunami
Dry - Seca
Arid - Árido
Volcanic ash - Cinzas vulcânicas
Smoke - Fumaça

Acho que isso é o suficiente (enough)...

See you!

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