November 30, 2010

Comparisons - Exercises and Answers


To prove you understood the last post, today you'll answer these questions.
Para provar que você entendeu a lição da aula passada, hoje você tentará responder às seguintes perguntas.

1. Choose the best alternative to complete each sentence:
a) His cellphone is _____ I've ever seen.
I- better than yours
II- the most different

b) For me, English is _____ Arabian.
I- the most complicated
II- less complicated than

c) Everybody thinks Paul McCartney is _____ they've ever heard.
I- the best singer
II- the most good

d) My grandfather is _____ from my family.
I- the oldest man
II- older than

e) If you are not ugly, you're _____ someone.
I- the most  beautiful
II- more beautiful than

2. Now, write the sentences with the right form of the adjective in parentheses to express real facts:
a) Playing football is _____ (good) than playing basketball.
b) Medicians are usually _____ (busy) on weekends than weekdays.
c) Beyoncé is _____ (energetic) than Michael Jackson.
d) English is _____ (easy) than Portuguese.
e) Computers are _____ (difficult) to use than calculators.

a) II
b) II
c) I
d) I
e) II

2. (personnal answers)

Leave a comment in the blog with something you think we should improve, or if you have any question, compliment or criticism.
Deixe comentários no blog com assuntos que possam melhorar o ensino, ou caso você tenha alguma dúvida, curiosidade, crítica.

See you!

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