November 01, 2010

Simple Past - Exercises and Answers


Like I said, today I'm gonna post some exercises about the Simple Past and Regular and Irregular Verbs. If you don't remember how to say something in the past form, reread the previous posts.
Como disse, hoje postarei alguns exercícios sobre Simple Past, Regular and Irregular Verbs. Caso você não se lembre de como formar o passado em Inglês, releia as postagens anteriores.

1. Write questions following the example:
Ex.: I liked to watch horror movies. What about you?
       Did you like to watch horror movies?

a) I liked my Portuguese lessons in 8th grade. What about you?
b) You enjoyed the play. What about your sister?
c) Machado de Assis wrote novels. What about Fernado Pessoa?
d) He studied Arts at the University last year. What about his brother?
e) You loved your dog. What about you mother?

2. Choose the correct verbs and write them in the past tense to complete the sentences:
go - spend - say - see - hear - eat - put - have - do - read

a) When Mr. Williams arrived at home he _____ his hat on the table.
b) Yesterday we _____ some poems by Castro Alves in the Literature class.
c) Romeu _____ Juliet speaking at the window.
d) My mother made me a sandwich and I _____ it immediately.
e) When Paul was younger he _____ to work during the day and study at night.
f) Fernando Pessoa once _____ that he was created to live.
g) He _____ to the country to visit his cousin.
h) The students _____ some research on the life of Graciliano Ramos.
i) When I _____ the big dog on the street, I decided to run around the block.
j) Last weekend we _____ hours studying for the exam.
(Globetrekker, Inglês para o Ensino Médio, por Marcelo Baccarin Costa, pág. 54)

3. Write these sentences in the interrogative form:
a) I went home to watch TV.
b) She had to wait 10 minutes.
c) Last Saturday we came home early.
d) The students did a project about Nuclear Bombs.
e) They watched many movies in a few time.
f) We thought you liked chocolate cake...
g) My school year began on February 18th.


a) Did you like you Portuguese lessons in 8th grade?
b) Did you sister enjoy the play?
c) Did Fernando Pessoa write novels?
d) Did his brother study Arts at the University last year?
e) Did you mother love your dog?

a) put
b) read
c) heard
d) ate
e) had
f) said
g) went
h) did
i) saw
j) spent

a) Did I go home to watch TV?
b) Did she have to wait 10 minutes?
c) Did we come home early last Saturday?
d) Did the students do a project about Nuclear Bomb?
e) Did they watch many movies in a few time?
f) Did we think you like chocolate cake?
g) Did my school year begin in February 18th?

For irregular verbs, memorize their forms in the past.
Next post you'll learn about Past Time Markers.
Para verbos irregulares, decorar suas formas no passado.
Próxima aula, Past Time Markers.

See you!

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