November 08, 2010

Will - Exercises and Answers



1. Form negatives or affirmatives sentences using "Will" and the words given:
a) Brazil _____ win the next World Cup.
b) It _____ be cold next two months.
c) I _____ have a beautiful family in the future.
d) I _____ be a good English teacher.
e) We _____ discover the vaccine against HIV/AIDS.

2. Choose the best alternative:
a) I (see/ will see) you tomorrow, so don't worry.
b) We (will travel/ travel) to Fernando de Noronha.
c) I think they (are doing/ will do) their projects next week.
d) If you help me I (would be/ will be) very grateful.
e) Some people say Amazon (desappear/ will disappear).

1. (personnal answers)

a) will see
b) will travel
c) will do
d) will be
e) will disappear

That's all folks!
I'll see you next class..

See you!

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