November 22, 2010

Present Perfect - Exercises and Answers


Today you'll have the opportunity to practice some exercises about the Present Perfect Tense. If you don't remember what you learnt in the previous post, go back and read it again.
Hoje, você terá a oportunidade de praticar alguns exercícios sobre o Present Perfect. Caso você não se lembre do que aprendeu no post anterior, volte e releia-o.

1. Write sentences in the Present Perfect Tense using the verbs in parentheses:
a) _____ you ever _____ (study) Psychology?
b) My children _____ never _____ (watch) horror movies.
c) This computer _____ _____ (work) very well yet.
d) Those people _____ _____ (learn) lots of things during their lives.
e) I _____ never _____ (teach) Michael Jackson to sing.

a) Have/ studied
b) Have/ watched
c) hasn't worked
d) have learnt or have learned
e) have/ taught

2. Give the past participle of the following verbs:
a) be
b) become
c) bring
d) catch
e) choose
f) cut
g) deal
h) draw
i) drive
j) eat
k) fall
j) feel
m) fly
n) get
o) go
p) grow
q) have
r) hear
s) hit
t) keep
u) know
v) lead
w) leave
x) lose
y) mean
z) make
a2) meet
b2) put
c2) read
d2) ride
e2) rise
f2) say
g2) see
h2) sell
i2) send
j2) set
k2) shine
l2) sing
m2) sink
n2) speak
o2) strike
p2) swim
q2) take
r2) teach
s2) tell
t2) think
u2) throw
v2) undergo
w2) understand
x2) wear
y2) win
z2) write

Don't worry! That's all!
Calma, já acabou!

See you!

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