November 02, 2010

Past Time Markers


Na aula de hoje veremos algumas referências de tempo, no pasado. Observe:

- On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (dias da semana, começa no domingo)
- In 1995, in 2001, last year, last month
- A few minutes ago, some years ago, ten days ago
- Yesterday
- The day before yesterday
- When I was a child

--> Write these sentences using yesterday, ago, when, on, last or in to complete them:
a) Did you talk to your sister in Australia _____ year?
b) Ten years _____ I was a baby.
c) _____ she called me I didn't hear.
d) My birthday party was _____.
e) Both of my parents were born _____ 1960.
f) We flew by plane _____ Thursday.

Por hoje é só...

See you!

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