November 05, 2010

To Be + Going to - Exercises and Answers

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Today I'm going to post some questions about To Be + Goin to, which I explained in the previous post. If you don't remember or didn't understand it, go back and read it!
Hoje postarei algumas perguntas sobre o To Be + Going to, conteúdo da postagem anterior. Caso não se lembre ou não entendeu, volte e leia novamente.

1. Choose the best alternative:
a) When we go to downtown next week, [we didn't buy/ we don't buy/ we are not going to buy] any souvenirs for them. I'm very short of money.
b) We [had/ has/ are going to have] lunch at my granny's house yesterday.
c) Next time Matheus travels, [he's going to take, he took, he's taken] lots of photos.
d) My test [would start, is going to start, started] at 10 o'clock, but I [am going to be, am, been] there at 9:45 to relax.

2. Complete the sentences with To Be + Going to + one of the verbs below:
be - love - see - eat - travel

a) Rose is traveling to Sao Paulo this saturday. She _____ it! She really enjoys the urban life.
b) My English test starts at 8 o'clock, but I _____ there at 7:30 to relax.
c) We _____ to Parana next winter.
d) Look at that shark! It _____ that little fish.
e) Next time I visit Roma I _____ other places like the Colosseum...

a) we are not going to buy
b) had
c) he's going to take
d) is going to start/ am going to be there

a) is going to love
b) am going to be there
c) are going to travel
d) is going to eat
e) am going to see

On the next post, we are going to learn the other future form.
Don't miss it!
Na próxima postagem, we are going to learn a outra forma de futuro.
Não percam!

See you!

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