October 08, 2010


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In this post, you'll have an exercise to help you look up words in a dictionary. This exercise is about professions and their description. You must link the profession to its right definition, using a dictionary if you need:
Na aula de hoje, postarei um exercício para ajudá-los a procurar palavras no dicionário. Esse exercício é sobre profissões e suas descrições. Você deve ligar o nome da profissão em Inglês à sua correta definição, procurando no dicionário se precisar:

a) A chef
b) A bank teller
c) A lawyer
d) A nurse
e) An oceanographer
f) A clerk
g) A sales representative
h) A construction worker
i) A web designer

- Cares of patients undergoing treatment.
- Works in a office, hotel, shop, etc.
- Builds houses, buildings, etc.
- Defends clients' legal right.
- Creates and adjusts Internet home pages.
- Deals with money.
- Manages a kitchen in a restaurant.
- Studies oceans.
- Sells products.

Based on Marcelo B. Costa's Globetrekker

Here you have a list with some professions and their definition:
Aqui você pode ver uma lista de profissões e suas definições em Inglês:
Painter - the one who paints (houses or artworks)
Mechanic - the one who fixes cars
Hairdresser - the one who cuts, washes and makes people's hair look good
Postman - the one who brings the letters
Policeman - the takes the thief to the jail and gives you a fine
Cook - the one who makes the food
Archaeologist - the one who examines the remains of buildings and objects in the ground and finds dinosaurs
Waiter - the one who works in a restaurant and brings the food
Builder - the one who builds houses and buildings
Journalist/ Reporter - the one who gives us the news on tv/ newspaper
Manager - the one who administrates a company
Doctor - the one who tries to save lives in a hospital
Nurse - the doctor's helper
Plumber - the one who fixes plumbing systems
Secretary - the one who types letters and answers the phone in a office
Dressmaker - the one who sews and mends clothes
Carpenter - the one who buildes things with wood
Driver - the one who drives (a car, a truck, a bus)
Baker - the one who makes bread and cakes in a bakery
Farmer - the one who works in a farm
Florist - the one who designs and sells flowers in a store
Barber - the one who cuts man's hair
Butcher - the one who cuts and sells beef, chicken and pork
Teacher/ Professor - the one who teaches
Waitress - the woman who brings the food in a restaurant
Electrician - the one who fixes electrical systems
Photographer - the one who takes photos/ pictures

I hope you liked it.
Espero que tenham gostado.

See you!

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