October 26, 2010

P. A. P. and Possessive Pronouns - Exercises and Answers


Like I had said, today you will have the chance to train your skills about the Pronouns we've learned so far, except the Object Pronouns. So let's go!

Como disse, hoje vocês terão a oportunidade de treinar suas habilidades a respeito dos Pronomes aprendidos até hoje, exceto os Object Pronouns. Sem mais delongas, começemos!

1. Choose the right Possessive Adjective Pronoun to complete each sentence. Follow the example:
I can give him my e-mail address.
a) You can be _____ wife if you marry me.
b) I don't know if I'm _____ brother. He is very different from me.
c) This dog has _____ own mouth. I don't need to help it to eat.
d) He and _____ sister have the same parents.
e) She and I have _____ own computer.
f) They don't know that those are _____ keys.
g) She can give me _____ e-mail address.

2. Choose the correct Possessive Pronoun to complete the sentences. Follow the example:
Is this your book? ---> Yes, it's mine!
a) Is this his pen?
Yes, it's _____.
b) Are these Anne's books?
Yes, they are _____.
c) Is this your key?
No, it's not _____.
d) Are those books ours?
No, they're not. They are Alfred and Joe's books. These books are _____.
e) Is this my bone?
No, this is our dog's bone. This one is _____.

3. Choose the correct option:
a) Roger is a freind of [I / yours].
b) Is this pen drive [our /  theirs]?
c) My cat likes [our / its] tail.
d) [Ours / Your] book is big but [mine / their] is complete!
e) [His / Theirs] e-mail address is easy to memorize.

a) my
b) his
c) its
d) his
e) our
f) their
g) her

a) his
b) hers
c) mine
d) theirs
e) yours

a) yours
b) theirs
c) its
d) Your/ mine
e) His

That's all for today.

Por hoje é só. Next class we are going to learn about Past Simple.

See you!

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