October 09, 2010

Question Formation - Exercises

How are you?

You remember when I told you about how to ask something in the Present Tense, right?
If you don't remember, click here. You have some exercises to do now:
Você se lembra de quando eu disse como formar uma pergunta no Presente de uma forma geral, certo?
Caso você não se lembre, clique aqui. Agora, você tem alguns exercícios:

- Gillian Adams is an applicant for a position as a receptioninst.
Complete the interview by writing the words in the correct order:
a) your/ is/ name/ what/ ?
   Gillian Adams.
b) and/ you/ do/ where/ live/ Ms. Adams/ ?
   In Santa Monica, California.
c) family/ you/ do/ live/ your/ with/ ?
   Yes. With my brother and father.
d) support/ you/ your/ father/ does/ ?
   Yes. But we need some extra money right now.
e) do/ money/ you/ why/ need/ ?
   Because I want to go to university next year.
f) do/ study/ where/ you/ ?
   At Jefferson High School.
g) studying/ at/ you/ are/ school/ computer science/ ?
   Yes. I'm doing courses on the Internet and word processing.
h) end/ does/ what/ time/ and/ your/ last/ class/ ?
   At 3:30 p.m., sir.

Adaptado de Globetrekker, de Marcello B. Costa.

a) What is your name?
b) And where do you live, Ms. Adams?
c) Do you live with your family?
d) Does yourfather support you?
e) Why do you need money?
f) Where do you study?
g) Are you studying computer science at school?
h) And what time does your last class end?

I hope you liked it!

See you!

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