October 04, 2010

The Present Continuous - Part III


In this post we're going to see the last Present Continuous: The Interrogative Form!
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To change the Verb To Be into the Interrogative, we must put the verb before the subject, and the complement:
Am I...?
Are you...?
Is he...?
Is she...?
Is it...?
Are we...?
Are they...?

It's the same thing for the Interrogative Form, but we also must add a verb ending in "-ing" after the subject:

Verb To Be + Subecjt + Verb ending in "-ing" + Complement + ?:
"Am I dreaming? This looks like Heaven!"
"Are you having a good time in here? I hope so."
"Is he working now? Is he gainning his own money?"
"Is she going to the party? Or is she home yet?"
"Is it flying? I can't see it!"
"Are we watching a horror movie? It seems to be comedy!"
"Are they studying Biology in the college?"

You got it?
For some exercises about it, click here.

See you!

Nesse post veremos a última parte do Present Continuous: A Forma Interrogativa!
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Para formarmos o Verbo To Be na Interrogativa, devemos colocar o verbo na frente do sujeito, e o complemento:
Am I...?
Are you...?
Is he...?
Is she...?
Is it...?
Are we...?
Are they...?

E para formarmos a Forma Interrogativa do Present Continuous, devemos fazer a mesma coisa, mas, depois do sujeito, devemos colocar um verbo com terminação "-ing".

Verbo To Be + Sujeito + Verbo terminando com "-ing" + Compelmento + ?:
"Am I dreaming? This looks like Heaven!"
("Estou sonhando? Isso se parece com o Céu!")
"Are you having a good time in here? I hope so."
("Está se divertindo aqui? Espero que sim.")
"Is he working now? Is he gainning his own money?"
(Ele já está trabalhando? Ele está ganhando o seu próprio dinheiro?")
"Is she going to the party? Or is she home yet?"
("Ele está indo para a festa? Ou ela ainda está em casa?")
"Is it flying? I can't see it!"
("Está voando? Eu não consigo ver!")
"Are we watching a horror movie? It seems to be comedy!"
("Estamos assistindo um filme de terror? Parece ser de comédia!")
"Are they studying Biology in the college?"
("Eles estão estudando Biologia na faculdade?")

Clique aqui para resolver alguns execícios sobre isso.

See you!

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