October 18, 2010

Object Pronouns - Exercises and Answers


In the previous class, I explained about the Object Pronouns. I hope you remember it,  'cause in today's class I'm gonna post some exercises. If you don't remember, read the previous post.

Na aula passada, explique a respeito dos Object Pronouns. Espero que você se lembre, pois na aula de hoje, irei postar alguns exercícios. Caso não se lembre, volte na postagem anterior.

1. Write the right Object Pronoun:
a) You can see Jenny and she can see _____.
b) Paul can see us and we can see _____.
c) Donna can see them and they can see _____.
d) The bird can see the man and the man can see _____.
e) We can see them and they can see _____.
f) They can see us and we can see _____.
g) I can see her and she can see _____.

2. Change the sentences following the example:
Example: "I play soccer with Guga."
I play soccer with him.

a) Everybody knows Gustavo Kuerten as Guga.
b) I love my English teacher.
c) Charles Miller brought soccer in the 20th century.
d) I work with that woman.
e) My brother is in love with two people.
f) Volleyball is our favorite sport. We love volleyball!

a) you
b) him
c) her
d) it
e) us
f) them
g) me

a) him
b) him or her
c) it
d) her
e) them
f) it

That's all for today.
Por hoje é só.

See you!

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