October 12, 2010

There To Be x To Have - Exercises and Answers

What's up?

Como disse, hoje postarei alguns exercícios sobre a diferença entre o There To Be e o To Have:

1. Rewrite the sentences using There is or There are:
Example: The United States has approximately 135 million people employed.
There are approximately 135 people employed in the Unites States.
a) The United States has nearly one million university professors.
b) Dibbs' Supermaket has one vacancy for a cleaner.
c) Do you have a psychologist working in your school?
d) Fortaleza has  excellent hotel.

2. Choose between there is/ are or have/has:
a) There is/ Has a nurse working in our school.
b) The new secretary there is/ has a lot of experience.
c) I assume there are/ have more students in our class than in the other.
d) Are there/ have many beaches in Florianópolis?

Based on Marcelo B. Costa's Globetrekker

a) There are nearly one million university professors in the United States.
b) There is one vacancy for a cleaner in Dibbs' Supermarlet.
c) Is there a (any) pshychlogist working in your school?
d) There are excellent hotels in Fortaleza.

a) There is
b) has
c) there are
d) Are there

Por hoje é só...

See you!

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