October 16, 2010

Why and Because


Na aula de hoje, iremos aprender a diferença enre Because e Whyambos com significado de "porque", mas antes, leia o diálogo abaixo:

Son: Hi, mom...
Mother: Hey cute...
Son: Mother, can I go to the club with my friends?
Mother: What club?
Son: That one near of the beach...
Mother: No!
Son: Why?
Mother: Because it's very dangerous. There are a lot of bad people!
Son: But I know to take care of myself...
Mother: Are you sure?
Son: Yeah!
Mother: Ok... Take care!

Now, do you know the difference about these two words?
I'm going to teach you now! Pay attention:

Nós usamos "Why" em perguntas:
"Why don't you go?"

E usamos "Because" em respostas:
"Because I can't"

Existem as maneiras informais, as gírias, para dizermos "Because", como:
'Cuz, 'Coz, 'Cos, 'Cause...

I hope you have understood it...
See you next class...

See you!

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