October 04, 2010

The Present Continuous - Exercises

Hey folks!

This is the last post about Present Continuous, so here you have some easy exercises.
If you don't remember what we studied, read about it againg.
Esse é o último post sobre o Present Continuous, e aqui temos alguns exercícios fáceis.
Caso não se lembre do que estudou, releia as postagens anteriores.

1. Use the prompts below to form true sentences that describe what is or is not happening now. Follow the example:
Ex.: I/ watch/ TV
I'm not watching TV.

a) My friend/ play/ the guitar
b) It/ snow
c) I/ study/ English
d) We/ do/ some exercises
e) The students/ read/ a magazine
f) The wind/ blow
g) It/ rain
h) We/ go/ to the beach
i) She/ eat/ pasta
j) I/ travel/ to Japan

2. Match the questions to the answers:
a) What are you and your friends doing?
b) Is it raining?
c) Are you having fun?
d) Am I bothering you with my questions?
e) Is the actor speaking English?
f) Are your parents on vacation?
g) Are you going to the beach?
h) Is she reading a book about the Industrial Revolution?
i) Is he looking for me?
j) Am I stduying Fisics or Math?

a) We are watching a horror movie.
b) You're studying Fisics...
c) No, the sky is open.
d) No, he's looking for Janny.
e) Yes, it's very funny in here!
f) No, she's reading a book about the Internet.
g) No, you're not.
h) No! I'm going to downtown!
i) No! He's speaking German.
j) No... They are taking care of my sister...

3. Form sentences in the Present Continuous with the words below:
Am/ Is/ Are/ Am not/ Is not/ Are not/ I/ You/ He/ She/ It/ We/ They/ Eat/ Watching/ See/ Read/ Go/ Play/ Wash/ Take/ Rain/ Do...

1. Personal answers.

a) a)
b) c)
c) e)
d) g)
e) i)
f) j)
g) h)
h) f)
i) d)
j) b)

3. Personal answers.

That's all folks!
Por hoje é só...

See you!

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